Bluestone Meadow was established in 2009 from a portion of the Madden Ranch which existed since 1919. The Madden Family oversaw a large pear orchard and distribution center. A bad pear blight destroyed most of the
crop in the early 1960s. Portions of the land were sold off and a variety of apples and grapes and pumpkins were planted and continue to grow.

The Ranch site has been occupied since the late 1860s or early 1870s. The first known occupant, Rachel Symons, homesteaded  in 1872. The ranch was known as the "Oak Grove Ranch".

The Pony Express used the old ranch house as a relay stop. It was known as the two-mile house since it was two miles from Placerville. The old house was located south of Carson Road and west of Jacquier Road. It burned down completely in the early 1990s.

Bluestone was named after the blue rock that is found on the property. It is believed to be the rock deposits from the "Deep Blue Lead" goldmine, which was one of the richest gold strikes in Placerville.

About Bluestone Meadow


Bluestone Meadow continues the farming traditions of the land, growing lavender and apple trees.

We look forward to developing this twenty acre farm into a special place to share with our visitors where they can enjoy and experience traditional family farm life and the unique activities, crafts, and events we will offer.

In a few years our up and coming apple trees will be ready for picking. 

Mission Statement

Nestled in the Sierra foothills, we provide affordable and family oriented activities and products. We strive to market high quality products from lavender, pumpkins and Christmas trees. Customers are enriched by the experience of our farm through crafts, products and wholesome family fun.

We are committed to producing unique horticultural products for the Apple Hill visitors, while also maintaining the beauty and health of the land by means of sustainable, organic inspired practices.